7 Natural Tips For Healthy Teeth

Posted on: March 16, 2018

Healthy teeth do not require the use of products with chemicals. It is possible to take the all-natural route and keep your chompers gorgeous and perfectly functional across the years to come.


Below, we take a look at a few tips that will keep your pearly whites in top-notch shape without the use of any chemicals.

Healthy Teeth Require Hydration

Drinking your fair share of water is essential to maintaining healthy teeth.  In general, doctors and dentists advise consuming eight eight-ounce glasses of water every single day. This is a cheap and easy means of rinsing out the mouth, stimulating the production of saliva that cleans the teeth, removing leftover food particles and freshening the breath.  Thus, it is beneficial to bring water with you wherever you go and not hesitate to drink water.

Eat Crunchy Vegetables and Fruits for Healthy Teeth

Chomp on some crunchy vegetables and fruits in those instances when you do not have access to your toothbrush and toothpaste.  Eating such healthy and clean foods assists in the removal of food debris, especially if you are enjoying a crispy apple. Crunchy fruits and vegetables stimulate the production of saliva to boot.  However, the manner in which you consume your veggies and fruits matters a great deal. Cut these delights into small chunks so they do not end up stuck between the teeth.

Certain Drinks Combat the Spread of Bacteria in the Mouth

Some beverages are especially effective at cleansing the palate and combating the growth of bacteria in the mouth.  Green tea accomplishes this thanks to its polyphenol compounds. Black tea also helps stop the development of plaque yet it also poses the potential to stain the teeth.

Bust Oral Bacteria by Chewing on a Cinnamon Stick

You can reach two goals at once by chewing on a cinnamon stick.  This tasty treat freshens the breath and combats bacteria in the mouth.  The natural oil in cinnamon sticks is especially helpful in the war against bacteria.  If you are not a fan of cinnamon, opt for a couple sprigs of parsley.

Floss With Regularity to Maintain Healthy Teeth

Floss at least once or twice per day.  The sad truth is a surprising number of people fail to take advantage of this all natural means of enhancing tooth health.  Flossing helps prevent the buildup of plaque and the onset of gum disease. Opt for natural floss that does not contain wax.  Waxed floss tends to have a coating of a petroleum offshoot.

Oil Pulling is Worth a Try

Oil pulling is trending toward a mainstream tipping point.  This process involves swishing unrefined vegetable oil like coconut or olive oil in the mouth for 20 minutes.  This cleansing method enhances oral health and dental health in several ways. Oil pulling decreases the number of bacteria in the mouth, whitens the teeth, reduces sensitivity and freshens the breath.  If you try oil pulling, spit the oil into a garbage can as opposed to your sink or toilet.

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