Are There Different Types of Dental Cleaning?

Posted on: May 16, 2018

Is it time for you to get your next dental cleaning? Dental cleanings are important and one of the absolute best ways you can make sure that your oral health is in tip-top shape. Current recommendations suggest that every dental patient should get a dental cleaning at least once every six months. This time frame not only allows for necessary dental cleanings, it is also used as a preventative measure to make sure that your oral health is in good standing.

What is a dental cleaning?

A dental cleaning involves removing any plaque or tartar buildup that may be forming on a dental patients teeth. While brushing and flossing every day is one of the best ways to help prevent any plaque or tartar buildup, some dental patients will still need to have a professional dental cleaning in order to remove any buildup. Special dental tools will be used to remove the plaque or tartar, which allows for the full and complete removal of plaque every dental patient needs for healthy teeth.

Dental cleanings are extremely important to a dental patient’s overall health, as well. When a patient is experiencing oral issues, it can lead to their experiencing health issues in the rest of their body, including heart disease.

Are There Different Types of Dental Cleaning?

Yes, there different types of dental cleanings. Regular dental cleanings are the most common type of dental cleanings and is the term used when a patient is not showing any signs of gum disease. This type of dental cleaning is one that does not take very long to perform and allows the patient to have a nice clean mouth once the dental cleaning procedure is finished.

If the dental patient has been diagnosed with gingivitis than their dental cleaning will be focused on the best ways to remove the gingivitis. Gingivitis is the beginning stages of serious gum disease, making it essential for a dental professional to thoroughly clean the teeth so that the gingivitis does not turn into periodontitis, a more serious form of gum disease. After a patient with gingivitis receives their dental cleaning, the dental professional will often give them advice on how to help them reduce the possibility of getting more gingivitis.

If the dental patient has been diagnosed with early periodontitis disease, it means that they are going to have receding and/or bleeding gums. When the gum line is pulled away from a dental patients tooth, they are much more likely to experience oral problems due to the fact that the tooth’s roots are exposed. The type of dental cleaning this patient will need is a deep dental cleaning, which will take more time to treat due to the fact that they have been diagnosed with periodontal disease.

If the dental patient has been diagnosed with severe periodontitis disease, deep dental cleanings, root planing and possibly surgery may be required. When a dental patient is in need of a dental cleaning and they have been diagnosed with advanced gum disease, it may take more than one dental cleaning appointment for the entire dental cleaning process to be performed.

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