Oral Surgery: Cosmetic and Preventative Dentistry

Posted on: November 18, 2015


Oral surgery is one of the tools we offer our families at Arden Dental Associates with Dr. Carlos Campodonico, DDS.  From our Blaine, MN dental office, we can treat virtually all oral health problems so that you can have healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime.  However, while we can perform oral surgery in our 55449 dental office, we prefer to prevent health problems because we know that this is the best way to keep you comfortable.  For that reason, we focus on preventative dentistry and recommend that you have your teeth cleaned and examined twice a year.  Doing so can help to prevent cavities, infections, gum disease, and tooth loss.  We use the latest in imaging technology and dental processes to help keep teeth health but, if you do have something like gum disease, our periodontics care can treat it before you suffer from loose teeth and tooth loss.  To schedule an appointment for an exam or consultation, call (763) 237-3371.

Oral surgery and tooth loss –

As a family dentist and a cosmetic dentist, we have numerous solutions that can be used to cure diseases and to generally enhance the aesthetics of your teeth. Among the many procedures we offer as a periodontist office, dental implants have been growing in popularity for people who have lost one or more teeth and are looking for a solution that looks and feels natural. These dental implants do more than just give you a great-looking replacement tooth, they actually act like a natural tooth in supporting the jawbone.  While durable and natural looking, this is a surgical procedure and it is important to have it conducted by someone experienced with periodontics.

Often, as a cosmetic dentist, Carlos Campodonico, DDS helps patients that have lost a tooth or multiple teeth. Sometimes, this can be due to an accident, age, or periodontal disease. If this happens to you, we recommend that you have your tooth or teeth replaced so you are not hampered by tooth loss. Dental implants are placed using oral surgery, which makes them the most secure and stable of any oral prosthetic. In addition to this, we are able to secure a dental crown to the dental implant, which will match perfectly with the other teeth in your mouth, giving the effect of never having lost a tooth in the first place.

Dental implants are basically a tiny titanium screw, which is placed our Blaine, MN team during oral surgery. The screw is inserted into the jawbone for maximum stability and to take the place of the root that occurs in a natural tooth. The implant is made of titanium because of a process known as osseointegration, whereby the body fuses with the titanium. Essentially, this tiny titanium screw becomes fully integrated with your organic tissue. Once secure, the dental implants provide us with the basis for a perfect replacement tooth. In some cases, we can even use a dental bridge to replace multiple teeth that may have been lost, in one sitting.

Every time you eat or chew food, the dental crown places pressure on the dental implant, which acts as stimulation to the jawbone. The jawbone acts as a support for the natural teeth and takes on the same role with your newly placed dental implant. When a patient suffers tooth loss, very often the jawbone starts to deteriorate as the body does not see a practical value in supporting the bone and initiates a process known as resorption. This kind of deterioration of the jawbone can lead to a weakening of the facial structure and additional tooth loss. As such, dental implants are an excellent tool in the hands of our cosmetic dentist to replace the natural teeth and roots.

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