The Real Truth About CEREC

Posted on: April 16, 2018

The average person may hear of CEREC® yet does not really understand what it is all about and whether it is worthy of the hype.  This technology allows for a dental crown that resembles an actual tooth. Aside from replicating the look and feel of a real tooth, CEREC® takes surprisingly little time to create and place in the patient's mouth.  The question most patients have is whether this approach to crowns is effective in terms of longevity, aesthetics and cost. Here is the scoop on CEREC®.

Helpful CEREC® Information

The Basics of CEREC®

CEREC® first debuted in Germany back in the 1980s.  The advances in technology continue to improve the process. CEREC® forms a crown from a 3D digital impression of the mouth. This technology measures the space in which to position the crown.  A tiny camera will help create the detailed three-dimensional image of the teeth. 

Once complete, we will use the milling unit to form the ceramic crown. We will then alter the crown to ensure it blends in nicely with the rest of the mouth.  Once the CEREC® process is complete, we will bond the crown to the mouth in as little as a couple minutes.  CEREC® is not a convoluted or time-consuming process in any way.

Why CEREC® is Worth the Money

CEREC® 's benefits are seemingly countless.  This process requires a mere two hours to build and place CEREC® crowns.  This short period of time is optimal for the patient as well as the dentist and others waiting to be treated.  There is no longer any need to bother with the annoying process of forcing patients to schedule numerous appointments for multiple phases of the conventional crown process.

By choosing CEREC®, we can form digital impressions of the mouth in mere minutes.  The use of the milling unit for the formation of the ceramic crown guarantees precision and accuracy.  Once the CEREC® crown is ready, it looks, functions and feels like a natural tooth.  CEREC® crowns stand the test of time.  On average, these crowns tend to last a decade to 15 years.  However, CEREC® crowns can last even longer with proper care.

Above all, the aspect of CEREC® crowns patients tends to rave about is their beauty.  No other crown looks nearly as similar to regular teeth as the CEREC® variety.  Patients also love the fact that there is no need to fuss around with temporaries or impressions.  Nor is there any worry over post-operative sensitivity.


Are you a Candidate for CEREC®?

You are likely wondering if CEREC® crowns are ideal for you.  Meet with the dentist to discuss your oral health and the details of CEREC®.  The dentist will review your oral health, answer your questions and determine whether you qualify as a candidate for CEREC®.

For more information about CEREC or to schedule a CEREC consultation with Arden Dental Associates – Carlos Campodonico, DDS, request an appointment in our Blaine dental office here: Or call us at (763) 237-3371.

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