Visit Our Blaine Dental Office to Prevent Needing Emergency Care

Posted on: August 1, 2016

Dental officeWe know that the dental office is really not your ideal spot to relax, read a magazine, and catch up on oral health tips. While our Blaine office is modern and comfortable, most people prefer to not visit a dentist office at all. Many people only visit when they have some kind of dental emergency. It is better to take a more proactive approach, which will lead to a far more relaxing experience. People who make it a habit of coming in to see us twice a year, for check-ups and cleanings, find that they are far less susceptible to emergency situations that need immediate treatment. This is because when you make dental health part of your annual routine, we have the opportunity to catch most problems before they become serious and correct them immediately.

Visiting our office is the first step in order to limit the number of times you come in with an emergency or experience any given level of discomfort. Cleaning visits and annual checkups are actually the easiest and most fun. We will professionally clean your teeth to make sure there is no buildup of unruly plaque that can cause cavities, gum diseases, and more. You will have X-rays so that we can check your jaw and look for problems that may be gestating below the surface. Finally, we will give you recommendations on oral health to improve your daily routines. All of this is designed to prevent you from coming to our office with some of the more common dental emergencies. Toothaches are the most common, while the second is accident-caused dental emergencies. Both of which may be prevented with ongoing care.

Toothaches have consistently ranked as the most intense discomfort for patients, leading them to immediately seek out medical attention at our dental office. If you experience a toothache, we recommend that you call our dental office immediately so that we can examine you and treat the problem before it becomes serious. Toothaches can be caused by everything from a loose tooth to a serious infection of the root or gum disease. The earlier we can identify the problem, the faster we can fix the underlying cause and you can start feeling better again. Additionally, if you have a severe dental emergency, we can help to save the tooth itself.

Dental emergencies are far more common than most people might thing. From kids on the soccer field knocking out a tooth to adults doing silly things like opening bottles with their teeth, people find all kinds of way to damage or hurt their teeth. This, in turn, leads them to come into our dental office with a need for emergency care. While accidents such as these, cannot be prevented, other emergencies like infections and cavities can be prevented with regularly scheduled visits to our Blaine dental office.  By keeping teeth healthy and strong, your overall risk for an emergency goes down significantly.

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