7 Natural Tips For Healthy Teeth

Healthy teeth do not require the use of products with chemicals. It is possible to take the all-natural route and keep your chompers gorgeous and perfectly functional across the years to come. Look: Below, we take a look at a … Continued

Fake Teeth Options From The Dentist

Today's artificial teeth look incredibly realistic.  Just as important is the fact that they function like regular teeth and stand the test of time.  A damaged tooth to the point that extraction is necessary requires treatment as soon as possible. … Continued

Reasons to Consider Implant Dentistry When Replacing Teeth

There are a few things that make implant dentistry such an excellent option for replacing missing teeth. If you are considering doing so in 2018, it is important to learn more about your options and the various ways this procedure … Continued

8 Ways to Prevent Tooth Enamel Loss

Enamel is your teeth's first defense against the different chemicals they are exposed to, which is why it is very important to prevent tooth enamel loss. Even though enamel is one of the toughest substances in the human body, it … Continued

More Than Just Brushing: Importance of A Professional Dental Cleaning

There is a common misconception that merely brushing the teeth two times per day prevents the need for a dental cleaning once every six months.  In fact, some people believe regular brushing and flossing is enough to warrant a skipping … Continued

5 Benefits of Visiting a Children’s Dentist

If you have a little one in your home, it is imperative that you bring him or her to a children's dentist.  You might be tempted to skip dental visits assuming your child's teeth are clean and infallible simply because … Continued

3 Smile Makeover Solutions

No one is born with naturally-perfect teeth. However, people can develop their ideal version of a smile with a smile makeover. A smile makeover uses integrated solutions to conquer whatever dental ailments you are facing. Whether you are suffering discoloration, … Continued

Benefits of Going to a Mercury-Free Dentist

Mercury-filling removal is a controversial process. Many feel that most dentists do not take enough caution in the process, which has sparked a plethora of mercury-free dentists around the country. When you go to a mercury-free dentist (also known as … Continued

Why Gum Disease Prevention is Important

If you have gum disease, you are not alone. Many U.S. adults currently have some form of the disease. Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is a bacterial infection that causes a chronic inflammation of the gums and surrounding tissue. It … Continued

FAQ’s from a Cosmetic Dentist

As a cosmetic dentist, we regularly answer questions about our practice and our approach to dental care. Many patients want to know what the difference is between a cosmetic dentist and a general dentist. To begin with, there is not … Continued