My Tooth Hurts When I Bite Down. What Should I Do?

Posted on: June 2, 2018

tooth ache

It is awfully frustrating to have tooth pain when biting or chewing. It is even more frustrating to be unsure of the underlying cause, especially if the dentist cannot pinpoint a diagnosis at first. Unfortunately, pulp tests and x-rays may not provide insightful information, and in such cases, the tooth is likely cracked. In any case, you won't know for sure unless you visit a dentist for an in-depth analysis of your oral health.

Pain caused by cracked teeth

Pain stemming from cracked teeth can prove especially severe when biting down. Teeth with sizable amalgam restorations are more likely to crack, as the tooth structure lacks support. Cracks can be caused by anything from chewing on ice to biting on an unpopped popcorn kernel. What matters most is to be proactive. Pain when biting down means it's time to visit a dentist. They will determine if the pain stems from a cracked tooth or something else.

Why you should contact the dentist if you have tooth pain when biting

Scheduling an appointment with a dentist as soon as possible is important for people who feel pain when biting or chewing. The dentist will analyze the tooth and surrounding tissues. If the tooth is cracked, the sole means of treatment will likely be casting.

Cracked teeth do not automatically indicate the need for a root canal. A properly fitted temporary crown will suffice if the pulp is involved. A re-evaluation is then performed in subsequent weeks. If the pain dissipates, the dentist will proceed with applying the prosthetic. If pain persists, additional work will be required.

What matters most is acting immediately. People should not delay in hopes that the pain will decrease. Ramping up brushing and flossing will not remedy a cracked tooth. The longer one waits, the worse the situation can get. The consequences will only become that more potentially dire if a dentist's evaluation is delayed.

Tooth pain when biting is often an indication of a larger oral health issue. The trained eye of a dentist is needed to determine if there is something more seriously wrong.

What else could be the cause of the pain?

Aside from a crack in your tooth, there is a chance the pain stems from receding gums. In other cases, the tooth enamel has simply worn away. Do not attempt to guess why your tooth hurts as you bite down. Contact your dentist today to perform a thorough analysis so you understand exactly what is causing your oral pain.

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